Bio of Ron Shaffer

Broken Windows

Zman Records
PO Box 18125
Portland, Oregon 97218


What do you say to describe Ron Shaffer? His voice has been described as “raw, gravelly and tender…imagine the rough sound of Bruce Springsteen mixed with the sweet sound of James Taylor.”              -Sonja Johnston, The Oregonian Masthead
Stanley Fisher of The Great Songwriter has this to say about his guitar playing: “Ron Shaffer must do a lot of finger stretching exercises.  If you could watch only Ron’s hands while he played, you’d think it might be a really tall guy (like six-foot-six) at work. The real Ron (a pretty normal-sized guy actually with an abnormally ear-catching guitar style) crossed the lines easily between folk, blues and contemporary acoustic.”
His national release on Zman Records, Broken Windows (ZR100), includes performances by such Northwest artists as Mark Bosnian on keyboards (Nu Shuz, Body and Soul, Salmon Dave), Mike Collins on drums and percussion (Lillith Faire act- Stephanie Schneiderman), Jerry Skol on bass (Bad Luck and Trouble, The Woodpeckers) and Brenda Dickey on backup vocals.
Broken Windows includes a new version of New Haircut. This award winning song was originally released on the Portland Songwriters’ Association Anthology, which includes some of the Northwest’s finest songwriters.
“I’ve got a new haircut
‘Cause you’ve got leavin’ eyes
I like to look my best
When I’m kissed goodbye”
Originally a native of Chicago, Shaffer released the record, Hail To The Rain, on the independent label, Antelope Records, while still in college.  This led to regional airplay and national tours.
Ron Shaffer currently resides in Oregon, where he can be found doing research in espresso bars and microbreweries, when he's not doing music.

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